Paper Dolls

by Descartes a Kant

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Paper Dolls (2007, Discos Intolerancia) -

Un disco maduro que tuvo muy buena recepción por parte de la crítica nacional e internacional, dando esperanza a la escena nacional en un momento donde casi todo consistía en seguir tendencias sin una propuesta concreta. Abriendo las puertas de festivales de gran
relevancia y así mismo la oportunidad de compartir escenario con bandas importantes y de una trascendente trayectoria (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, Stereo Total, El Otro Yo, Explosions in the Sky y The Melvins.


released January 1, 2007



all rights reserved


Descartes a Kant D.F., Mexico

Surf, Noise, Punk y Cabaret es parte de lo que se puede encontrar al escuchar a Descartes a Kant, proyecto de Guadalajara, México,que mezcla experimentación y energía junto con dulzura melódica y disonancias para generar una propuesta inusual y atractiva al oído. Han teloneado a bandas como: SONIC YOUTH, YEAH YEAH YEAHS, YO LA TENGO, STEREO TOTAL, EL OTRO YO, THE MELVINS Y EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY. ... more

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Track Name: Atascatto

You really wanna shoot it,
You really wanna burn the fucker alive
You wanna shoot it
You want it

Shoot it, you really wanna bury him alive
You wanna shoot it
You want it

Shoot it (stop it I get your statement)
Shoot it (stop it I got the point)

Oh! Come on don’t just say say say say it.
You gotta burn the fucking pig.

A bottle of tears, what a freak celebration,
Remember he´ll shoot when he has the occasion,
Now endorphins are platonic.
You really wanna shoot it

You really wanna burn the fucker alive
You wanna shoot it
You want it

Shoot it but make him say he is sorry before he dies
You wanna shoot it
You want it

Shoot it (stop it I get your statement)
Shoot it (stop it I get the point)

Oh! Come on, don’t just say say say it
You gotta burn the fucking pig.
Track Name: Dolce

I hate, I hate you, I hate you aha.
Don’t go, stay with me convince me to drop the sugar
Take a seat honey would you like a glass of magic water
I am baking apple cakes and rainbows without colors
Milkshakes, cherry flavored rabbits without butter.
Track Name: My Sweetest Headache Waltz
My sweetest Headache Waltz

It´s a hard, sweet, short headache
To kiss a toilet…toilet face
A sweet sweet moment
Takes my face into a dirty place

c-c-c-colors, your fucking colors
you %&/((%#””…

You and me
Cause you’ll always be my “He”
But I’ll never be your “She”
Track Name: Pedigree

I ignore the gravity
Now I’m a space dog
If you promise to stay still
I won’t, I won’t bite.
But if you cradle me, feed me, and pet me
I’ll never pee on your bed
My pedigree doesn’t worth your attention
I promise to be a great…great sucker
Track Name: Hello Tarantino
Hello Tarantino

You see I like
The way you cry
When you’re in love.
Track Name: Jesse Lee
Jesse Lee

-May I eat your head?
Mr. Tricks said
Please just don’t spill all the feelings over …over me
I confess
We won’t need it
Please don’t hurt us
We won’t need it
You must take my head
Uh uh!
Track Name: Maniqui Bordello
Maniqui Bordello

La la la la la la
Stop it right now
It’s not fun anymore
Track Name: Mommy

Mommy my daddy touched me
It was so…
Mommy my daddy raped me
It was so…
Mommy my daddy loves me
My daddy…
Don’t you dare to touch me there!
Track Name: Antidoll

I am scared cause all my dolls use underwear
I am scared cause I’m aware
I´m afraid cause it’s not fair

Screw the moon
Hold the sun
Masturbation with a gun
Suddenly I listen before I stop
Ah ah
Track Name: Babosa Nova
Babossa Nova

I’m not a boy
I don’t get that
I’m not your crap
I’m not the heart in the trash

I’m hate, well I was
Fear, well I was
Trust, well I was
Love, well I was fucked

(First voice)
I’m becoming qualities of piss
(Second voice)
Now I detest what I became
I am the only perfect Cristal piss, a simple wish a wish.
Track Name: Ladie's Coat
Ladies Coat

I believe it’s sweeter
When it starts to spit
But I never tell her…

And my lover tells me
That the whores don’t lie
But they steal your gold if
You like to watch them cry
And the scarecrows tell us
That we’re supposed to fly
But they also told us…

Ladies coat, ladies coat, let’s go with our
Ladies coat and play
To kill the girls the girls
Hey! Kill the girls the girls

And the velvet chickens
Start to fly with fins
And they use their feathers
When they got dirty wings
Kill the girls, the girls…

Ladies coat, ladies coat, let’s go with are ladies coat and play
To kill the girls the girls
Track Name: E Friga Pop
E Frigia Pop

Don’t wait! It’s ok!
I just need to hear me say:
Ah ah ah ah ah!

Oh! yeah! it’s that way! It just needs to hear me say:
Ah ah ah ah ah

It’s great! It’s so fake
I just need to hear you say that I’m not sick!

I have instructions to say:
Please baby go away
Get the fuck away from me!
Track Name: Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie

And what’s that mess?
Oh, it’s my dress
I hope you don’t find that it’s wet
I guess I spilled the milk again
I guess I killed my precious pet
Oh oh

A tongue so injured, has no sound
That sounds so perfect I cannot cum down
I was not afraid but just until
His twisted smile left me ill

It´s designed to feed her a kitty
When she´s into big birds
Cause it´s designed to sing to her so pretty
Singing to her, makes her scream so hard

I promise she won’t be upset
If we can hurt her more than that.
So sorry like my silent pig
And so harmless like the cigarette skin

I am so sick sad
I can´t control that
You are a bad, bad plan
But I adore that
I am so sick and sad…