Il Visore Lunatique

by Descartes a Kant

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Jaz I like that you can't really label the type of music that they make; it's just fun. I saw them live opening for another band and I thought, "how random." And it's that randomness that I adore. Favorite track: La Belle Indifference.
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released January 1, 2012



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Descartes a Kant D.F., Mexico

Surf, Noise, Punk y Cabaret es parte de lo que se puede encontrar al escuchar a Descartes a Kant, proyecto de Guadalajara, México,que mezcla experimentación y energía junto con dulzura melódica y disonancias para generar una propuesta inusual y atractiva al oído. Han teloneado a bandas como: SONIC YOUTH, YEAH YEAH YEAHS, YO LA TENGO, STEREO TOTAL, EL OTRO YO, THE MELVINS Y EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY. ... more

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Track Name: La Belle Indifference
La Belle Indifférence

My best friend forever had
A driven interest in identifying
The great American sex
Arousal disorder, and green eyes

First it was tout simplement
"La Philosophie Dans Le Boudoir"
But if hysteria leads you on
It is no picnic to know who you are

The first time we met it was a blast
At the Fray Bernardino Álvarez
Blue lipstick and weird, fake moustache
Said "turn around and take your panties down"

Call her by her truthful name
Her name is Bouffée Delirante

Look into her truthful eyes
Her gaze is sweet and mesmerizing
Her logic so disorganizing
Her gaze is truly paralyzing!

Her name is Borderline Personality Disorder
And she came because I called her

Look into her truthful eyes
her gaze is sweet and paralyzing
Her logic so disorganizing
But folies à deux ain't everlasting

Her name is Dissociative Identity Disorder
And she came because I called her

The last time we met was pretty sad
At some step-down unit, as announced
The poor thing was missing her left hand
But she hadn't noticed it! C’est la belle indifférence

La belle indifférence
La belle indifférence
La belle indifférence.
Track Name: Suckerphillia

But I had just recovered
From my affair with narcotics
It’s an abuse of analgesic help

I am a love constipator
It is a damage controller
‘Cause I was getting better
In my alternative treatment center

With my painkiller system
And my anti-you narcotics

You’re the worst adulterator
You're my world, adulterator

Hey you! Give me a lick
The loveliest uncurable lick
Hey you! Give me a kiss
A dangerous contagious and meaningless kiss

You’re the worst adulterator

You’re the worst adulterator
You're my world, adulterator

Hey you! Give me a lick
The loveliest uncurable lick
Hey you! Give me a kiss
A dangerous contagious and meaningless kiss

And my lo-fi fragile fractions are asking
Do you think this sounds a bit dramatic/romantic?
If you give me a kiss that means nothing at all
Then I will write you a song that means nothing at all.
Track Name: Buy All My Dreams
Buy All My Dreams

Look at this diamond; it’s not just a ring
It means I’ll be married and have many kids
He gives me protection, stability I guess…
We will live in a castle with fancy horses and SHIT

He’ll buy all my dreams and I’ll be what he needs me to be….
Like all the girls I see in all the magazines,
Without a single atom of identity around me
And he won’t care. ‘Cause he can afford me
And I don’t care if this classist crap that I’m around surrounds me!

You’ll be in love with all the times those idiots stare at me like that
And you’ll show me off like the hottest accessory around you,
And you won’t care. ‘Cause you can afford me
And I don’t care if this classist crap that I’m around surrounds me!

‘Cause I’m so lovely and you won’t care if I am boring
‘Cause no one cares if this classist crap that I’m around surrounds me!

I really don’t mind if I justify my empty ideals all my life
No complications or several points of view
Love is based on what my eyes can find

He gives me protection, stability I guess
He’ll buy all my dreams and I’ll be who he needs me to be.
Track Name: The Peter Pan Syndrome
The Peter pan syndrome

While I was walking today,
I realized I was asking myself
The same questions I usually ask on my birthday:
Am I proud? Am I old?
Am I mature? Am I stable?
What the fuck did I do this year?
Am I better? Am I wiser?
Am I successful? Am I in love?
Am I sick?
Hi sweetheart
Come and tell me what should I wear tonight.
High heels are not an option
Or would you wish I changed my mind?
Close your eyes. Make a wish. Eat for me
The cakes they bring to feed me to take you away
But I ain’t spitting you out
Why do I always cry on my birthdays?
They usually suck
But today is the saddest day of my life…
The gifts! The hugs! The smiles! The presents!
The ridiculous cake ceremony! Oh my God!
Track Name: The Robbery
The robbery

Good evening ladies and gentleman
Boys and girls, kings and queers
What you’re about to witness
Is what people call an assault
You call it an abuse; we call it getting off

Please don’t panic
You only need to cooperate
Everyone inside the room
Heads down and hands in the air
Put wallets, cell phones and watches in the bag
Diamonds, credit cards, iPods and laps
Let me see your hands now
And now means NOW

Put your hands in the air!
Put the money in the bag!
The quicker we take this, the quicker we’re out!

(Freeze the scene)
You may think I’m crazy for the cash…
The only reason why I’m here
Inside this shit that shakes my teeth
Is the rush when I look into your eyes
This fear I smell that makes me feel that I’m the one
Now listen,
I don’t care about the law
I have no regrets at all, I don’t feel guilty
When you’re alive there’s a price
It’s no surprise. I play my part
It’s time for fun!
So put your hands in the air

Hey you, don’t try to do something stupid Sir
Hang up and give me that phone immediately Sir
What the fuck were you trying to do Sir?
Did you want to get us in trouble? Hah?
I’m asking you a fucking question!
If we don’t do this faster
I’m gonna blow this motherfucker’s brains out, I mean it
Hurry up!
Put the money in the bag!

Hostage:”Now I got the gun, that ain’t so fun
So freeze your ass and drop your gun”

Now you got the gun, so let the girl
You don´t wanna hurt us, We´ll get outta here

Hostage:”Shut up bitch! Bring the money over here!
You won´t go anywhere until I say so, am I clear?”

Are you ready?

1, 2, 3… run!
Track Name: Bluish

I don’t know which was the moment
I just remember suddenly being here
The body is dead, my mind is the controller
All seems so bright and fast, my heart will breathe

I never meant to disappear so long
I had to leave, I was feeling tainted
I never meant to disappear so long
I left our home to try to find us something better

I know big love
I have to give more than hard words

But if you say you’re in the game
You’ll be my sick, my sweet bone breaker

Say the code word, slow
Stop that freaky motion, slow
‘Cause I’m fierce and sad, I’m self destruction.
Track Name: Star Fucker

Fireworks outside the window
And video game background music
Accompanied our evening
Instant infatuation…
An awkward silence while we decided
Who would make the first move
He whispered in my ear: "—you should kiss Mr. Haim"
I felt intimidated; I instantly blushed,
Nervously giggled and smiled at him
He smiled back at me; I never said a word,
He said: "—let’s cut the crap"
They started to touch me, and I started to touch them
His eyes were blue and wide, I felt his tongue inside my mouth
It tasted like sweet rose wine.
Track Name: Cut It Off
Cut It Off

If you kiss me once
I will kiss you twice
If it’s not enough
I can give you a bite
If you save my day
I will save your life
I can color you

I could live to give you my life
Or I could live to ruin your life
If you break my heart
I will cut your eyes
If you wet my eyes
I will cut your throat
If you make me cry
I will break your bones
If you ruin my smile
I will burn you alive

If you share your “thing” with someone else
I will cut it off
If you mess me up
Oh! I swear to god
I will color your room with your own blood.
Track Name: Convince Me
Convince Me

This is a delicate case but I’m on your side
Sincerely I don’t know what to say to stop you from crying
What we discuss in here doesn’t go outside
I’ll never tell on you ‘cause I’m on your side

I’m happy, so happy, so perfect, so fine
I’m happy, so crappy; so perfect at lying

No one knows a better way to fix me
Than me when I play my favorite game called “Convince me”
We never knew what broke inside there but we know it’s tricky

Shut up.
I’m the one who talks
Shut up.
You’re the one who sucks

You don’t have to fool me!
You’ve got to hold me when I’m messy
You don’t have to push me!
You’ve got to go and convince me.
Track Name: You May Kiss The Bride
You May Kiss the Bride

I remember the letters, the chocolates, the phone calls,
The first time he told me that I was the best…
I remember his lips on my lips for the first time
With the softness it requires to get me obsessed!
I miss his arms protecting me all the time
(One around my neck, one around my thigh)
And the uncontainable passion at night

I miss his hands touching my hair
Touching my face, touching me there…
Oh! I miss his way of saying goodbye
And then cheering me up on the phone every night,
Specially when he had to go home with his wife…

Psychiatrist: “So… let me get this clear dear… the love of your life is married?”

He doesn’t really love her anymore and years ago he’s been sleeping on his own. The problem is the child in between. Their marriage is exclusively and specifically only apparent, you see? He doesn’t love his wife!”

P: “I see… so why are you separated right now?”

The thing is… we’re just waiting for things to calm down, ‘cause little Mikey is starting to suspect…

P: “Why doesn’t he tell him?”

“He’s immature!

P: “He has to grow!”

He wouldn’t understand that daddy doesn’t love his mom!

P: “Why don’t they just get divorced?”

No, no! That would only shock the boy! He would hate me forever…

P: “What do you feel at this point? I mean by being the lover?”

I just can’t take this anymore! I feel terrible! Everything’s horrible! That is precisely the point! This is the plan:

Stop being the lover and become the wife, I’ll kill the lady and become his wife. With no moral issues, I’m preparing to shoot: I will liberate him from his boring wife. And I will stop being the lover and become the wife; I’ll kill the lady and become his wife. They’ll need a caring mother, and we will love each other. Perfect! I will show him what a proper marriage is and I will stop being the lover and become the wife, I’ll kill the lady and become his wife! I’ll give my best to Mikey! At last we’ll all be happy!

P: “You want to have the family that you never had! What if he never wants to marry you?”

What? Of course he will, besides that is solved. You’ll see… this whole idea of Mikey and me and him is great! But I wanna have my own baby, if you know what I mean… I’m gonna stop taking the pill.

P: “Oh! So then you’re gonna get pregnant and ‘force him’ to marry you?”

Well it’s not that bad… Sometimes they only need a little motivation. Anyway, he´s gonna be thrilled with the idea! Picture this:

She: “I have to tell you something important!”

He: “Yes dear?”

She: “We’re gonna have a baby!”

He: “What? Are you sure?”

She: “Yes! Yes! Certainly.”

He: “That’s fantastic…”

(No but he’s going to smile)

He: “That’s fantastic!”

(Then I’m gonna say)

She: “So, what are we gonna do about it?”

(And he’s gonna say)

He: “Well… I guess it’s finally time to…”

(And he’s gonna get down on his knees and he will say)

He: “Would you marry me?”

(And I’ll be like)

She: “Oh! Are you sure? I mean your wife’s death is so very recent! Don’t you think we should wait?”

He: “No! No! No! I really need you right now! This is like… what I’ve always dreamed of! You are the ‘real’ love of my life!”

(And I’m gonna say)

She: “Well…in that case…YES! I do! I do want to be your wife!”

With a finger wave hairdo and a flapper dress, I want a classy wedding and many guests! With a great, great jazz band and they will play our song, and he will hold my hand, and we will tap dance! Shoot!

Psychiatrist: “Your obsession has dragged you to this! Why should your issues affect that poor kid?! How can you imagine that love works like this?! What if he never wants to marry you?”

Stop being the lover and become the wife, I’ll kill the lady and become his wife. I miss him so, so badly. He needs me to be happy. Mamma always told me: “Be the first no matter how”.

And that’s why I’ll stop being the lover and become the wife; I’ll kill the lady and become his wife. I want my perfect family, my kids, my van, my darling. Without that stupid bitch we’ll have our dream life. And I will stop being the lover and become the wife; I’ll kill the lady and I´ll become his wife! My darling, my kids, what a perfect life! Without that frigid witch, I´ll always be with him. I’ll kill that stupid bitch and I will be his wife!

Psychiatrist: “Your time is over.”